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Vector EPro8 Challenge

How It Works

This competition gives creative and practical students a chance to shine in an exciting, competitive environment.

Each team will be located at a workstation, which contains an impressive assortment of easy to use equipment, including gears, wheels, pulleys, weights, tools, aluminium framing, motors and electronics.

At the start of the event, teams will be given a booklet containing four challenges.  Each challenge will be split into parts which range from easy to challenging.

Teams choose which challenges they wish to complete.  Typically the more difficult challenges will be worth more points.  They won't have enough time to  finish all the challenges.  There is strategy involved in deciding which challenges best suit their skills and abilities.


Each heat consists of 12 teams, who will compete to earn the most points in the 2 ½  hour time limit.  Teams are made up of four students. 

There are two age categories: years 5-6 and years 7-8. Younger students can belong to a team of an older age group.

Schools can enter a maximum of four team in each age category.


As soon as a challenge is completed, a team will press the "Big Red Button", which will alert the judge to the completion. They can immediately move onto the next challenge. As soon as the challenge has been judged as passed, the points will appear on the live scoring leaderboard.

All challenges have clear criteria to be met to earn the points for the challenge.

Live scoring adds to the fun and excitement, with teams seeing how they rank as the event progresses.

At the completion of 2 ½ hours, the team with the most points will be the winner of that heat. A trophy will be awarded to the winning team from each heat. The top 4 teams from each heat qualify for the region wide semifinals.


Each team will be based at a station containing an impressive assortment of easy to use engineering equipment.

3D Printed Construction System

We want contestants to be able to complete large sized constructions easily and quickly - without the use of tools.  We searched the world for such a system, and found nothing.  So we have designed and 3D printed our own.  Over 5000 hours of 3D printing has gone into making the equipment that teams will use.

The system works using a simple clamp, that allows teams to easily design and build structures and machines using aluminium extrusions, brackets, motors, gears, pulleys, and electronics.  

This system is far from being a toy.  For example, all the gears and pulleys have quality ball bearing componentry.    We have invested heavily in motors, axles and modular electronics.

Each event will start with a brief five minute tutorial to ensure all teams know how to use the equipment.

Event Timetable

Typically the year 5-6 teams will compete during the morning, and year 7-8 in the evenings.  This may vary, and the actual timing for your event is shown in the schedule of events.

The timetable for each event is as follows:

 Day EventsEvening Events
Doors Open9.25 am 4.55 pm
Race Briefing / Tutorial / Exercise9.30 - 9.45 am5.00 - 5.15 pm
Challenge Time.  Complete the most challenges you can in 2 1/2 hours9.45 am - 12.15 pm5.15 - 7.45 pm
Final Judging / Prize Giving / Tidy Up12.15 - 12.30 pm7.45 - 8.00 pm
Spectators / Supporters

The Vector EPro8 Challenge has been specifically designed to be a spectator friendly event.  The challenges are all large scale and visually stunning.  There will be live scoring, and live commentary throughout the event.

We would love supporters to come along and watch.  Entry for spectators is free.

All we ask is that teams are left to solve the challenges themselves.